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Digital and electronic networks are by nature always “on”, hence it is imperative to monitor potential cyber threats to these networks, systems and the assets linked to them as a 24/7 assignment.

While some organizations are in a position to implement their own 24-hour, automated software led or human led cyber surveillance systems, this is neither optimal nor practical for many types of organizations that nevertheless must mitigate these types of risks.

To help address this need, Security Maisters’ Managed Security Services (MSS) looks first at your capabilities within the company to response and then, provides you with a comprehensive customized MSS plan to ensure your company is not open to vulnerabilities.

Security Maisters MSS can include:


Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Threat and Malware Detection

Log Management, Monitoring and Archiving

Managed SIEM or SIEM-as-a-Service

Continuous Compliance Management

Access Control and Authorization

Cloud Security Monitoring and more

Our MSS offers proactive security management services when you need them across on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments. Security Maisters’ MSS deployment provides peace of mind day and night to organizations regarding their operations, networks, physical assets and premises. Our 24/7 staffed Secure Operations Centers (SOCs) and Network Operations Centers (NOCs) address the full spectrum of cyber risks through monitoring that includes security devices and assess firewall breaches, and premises intrusion attempts. They also determine whether threats are spurious or real, eliminating hunting activities and enabling appropriate intervention only as, and when, needed.

Not only will this help you to cut expenses to manage and monitor your security remotely but also free up your IT staff to work on other projects. Security Maisters’ is a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) and work hand-in-hand with our strategic partner, AlienVault. We use AlienVault’s globally recognized Unified Security Management (USM) to build successful managed security and compliance service offerings.

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